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Rated 4.8 based on 2,306 reviews
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Safety Inspections

Home Electrical Safety Inspections in New Jersey

Electrical safety inspections are an easy way to keep your family and home safe from electrical shock, surges and even fires. Injuries from electrocution are serious, and they happen more often than you realize:

An average of 51,000 electrical home structure fires occur each year, claiming almost 500 lives, injuring more than 1,400 people, and causing more than $1.3 billion in property damage (National Fire Protection Association, 2003-2007). In addition, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that nearly 400 people are electrocuted in the U.S. each year.


A professional inspection of your home’s electrical systemis a great step in ensuring that unknown electrical issues don’t become big problems. At Weltman Home Services, our professional electricians are inspection experts. They are continuously trained and licensed professionals. They will spot electrical issues that may be hidden. Hidden areas that they will inspect include behind the wall wiring, faulty lighting fixtures and overloaded electrical panels.

During an electrical safety inspection they will come out to your home, examine it from top to bottom and provide you with a full report of their findings on the health of your electrical system. If any upgrades, corrections or improvements need to be made, they will explain them in depth and suggest service options that make the most sense for your budget and needs.

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Signs That You Need An Electrical Safety Inspection

Most electrical issues remain hidden from the common eye until they are a serious problem, but there are some warning signs to be on the lookout for. If you are experiencing any of the following occurrences at home, you should call an electrician:

  • Tripping fuses
  • Sparks from any outlet, electrical appliance or lighting fixture
  • Warm-to-touch electrical switches
  • Popping noises when turning on a light
  • Flickering lighting fixtures
  • Smoking outlets
  • Shocking feeling when turning on a light or switch

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