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Install A Humidifier

February 2, 2016

Do you need a humidifier in your home? With the cold winter weather comes dry air outside and inside of your home. Dry air inside of your home can exacerbate sinus issues and colds, cause nosebleeds, and worsen skin conditions. It also helps to spread viruses throughout your home. Many of us try to combat the effects of dry air within our homes with small portable humidifiers that need to be filled daily and cleaned weekly. They can use up a lot of energy while providing little humidity to the air.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to a dry air issue within your home consider a whole house humidifier. This addition to your heating and cooling system will add humidity to the air in your home through the existing duct work. This humidity can be controlled by your thermostat, allowing you complete control on the humidity level year-round.

Whole house humidifiers have many benefits, including:

Many viruses thrive in low-humidity environments, which can increase your likelihood of catching the flu, colds, and other respiratory ailments. And an overly dry environment can make people more susceptible to infection. Putting humidity back into your home can reduce the incidence of all these maladies.

Over-dry air can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms and lead to dry noses, sore throats, and cracked, itchy skin. Not to mention those painful and surprising shocks you get from static electricity.

Better Sleep
People snore less in normal humidity levels than they do in low humidity levels. This is because their respiratory systems aren’t dried out.

Dry air can damage many things in a home, including wood floors, plaster, paint, furniture, artwork, electronics and musical instruments. Supplying your house evenly with the proper amount of humidity can protect your home and contents from the adverse effects of dry air.

Energy Efficiency
Turning up the thermostat will raise the temperature in your home, but it won’t necessarily make you feel any warmer. Installing a whole house humidifier can help you feel warmer at lower temperatures.

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