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10 Home Cooling Tips

June 1, 2016

Looking for home cooling tips? June is coming to an end and we are all looking forward to the long holiday weekend to take us into July. Cookouts, pool parties, beach trips – all of our favorite summer activities await us…and so does our nice and cool home at the end of each fun-in-the-sun-filled day. With summer’s sun comes summer’s heat, and most of us will be happy to relax in a comfortable and climate controlled home when each day’s activities wrap up.

Is your home’s air conditioning ready to keep you and your family cool and comfortable this weekend? Here are some home cooling tips to make sure that your system is working efficiently and your home stays cool all weekend (and summer!) long!

10 Home Cooling Tips:

  1. Keep your thermostat clear. Never place appliances, electronics or lamps near your home’s thermostats – the heat that they throw off can skew the temperature reading of your home.
  2. Take the tip above a bit further. Did you know that traditional light bulbs throw off a lot of heat? This heat can raise the temperature of your home. By switching to new LED light bulbs your home will stay cooler and your A/C won’t have to work as hard!
  3. Routinely replace your system’s filters. Clean filters will keep your home cleaner while keeping the a/c system running more efficiently.
  4. Remove extra heat. Use your bathroom fan every time that you shower and your stove’s fan every time that you cook – this will help to immediately remove the heat from bathing/showering from your home.
  5. Grill. On really hot summer nights try to avoid turning on your oven by grilling your dinner outside.
  6. Keep it clean. If you have a ductless air conditioning unit be sure to keep the equipment that is on the outside of your home clean. Regularly clear it of leaves and debris for the best performance.
  7. Raise the temperature! It may sound counter-intuitive, but most households keep their temps too low. 78 degrees is optimal for efficiency – each degree colder than 78 increases your energy usage by 4%!
  8. Install energy efficient window coverings. This will prevent heat gain through your home’s windows.
  9. And make sure your windows and doors are air tight. Add caulking and weatherstripping to make sure that you aren’t cooling your yard too!
  10. Have annual maintenance performed on your home’s a/c system – it is the best way to ensure that your system is working efficiently, and that it will continue to do so all summer long!

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