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What Does A Water Filter Remove

February 1, 2017

Cleaning Your Home’s Water With A Whole House Water Filter

Clean water has been a constant news headline over the past year. From the Flint, Michigan water crisis to contaminated drinking water affecting communities across the country, it is a coast-to-coast problem. In fact, 194 public water supplies with higher-than-recommended chemical concentrations are located in 33 states, but three-quarters of the toxic water supplies are in just 13 states: and New Jersey is one of them ( This leaves many families wondering how they can remove unwanted toxins from their own home’s water supply. The answer is simple – with a whole house water filter. Home water filtration systems are a great way to keep the water that you and your family wash with, clean with, cook with and drink as healthy as possible.

A whole house water filter works to reduce and remove the following unwanted elements from your home’s drinking water:

Water Filters Remove

  • cadmiumimage of filtered water
  • copper
  • chlorine
  • chloramines
  • mercury
  • lead
  • gases
  • dyes
  • fuels
  • heavy metals
  • man-made pollutants
  • disinfectants
  • pesticides
  • turbidity
  • lindane
  • TTHM
  • trichloroenthylene
  • zinc
  • sodium hypochlorite (a bleaching agent)
  • dirt and debris
  • arsenic
  • asbestos
  • benzene
  • bad odors
  • bad taste
  • cloudy

At Weltman Home Services, we are proud to offer whole house and point-of-use water filtration systems from HALO. HALO systems offer a maintenance-free option for providing clean water to your family throughout your New Jersey home. HALO Water Systems have been in use for 50+ years. They are the most recognized and reliable maintenance-free water filtration systems available on the market today.

Call us today. We will come out to your home, examine your plumbing system, ask you questions about your water usage and demands and recommend the best HALO system for you and your family.

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