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Getting Healthy in 2017 Starts With Water Filtration

January 1, 2017

Keep your 2017 resolution with water filtration at home.

Did you know what the number one new year’s resolution made by Americans for 2017 is? It is to get healthy or healthier. Let Weltman Home Services water filtration experts help you achieve that goal! How? With a whole house water filtration system from HALO Water Systems!

Your home’s water supply is extremely important to your health and the health of your family (and pets!). In addition to drinking and cooking with it you bathe in it, brush your teeth, clean your dishes and wash your clothing in it. It is prevalent in almost every aspect of your life at home. The health of that water supply effects the health of you and your family. And we can make sure that it is healthier, cleanimage of halo water filtration systemer and better tasting with a HALO Water System!

HALO Water Systems provide premium in-home water quality options to protect you and your family. From point-of-use systems filtration to whole house systems, HALO has an option to fit the needs of your household.

The Benefits of HALO Water Systems

HALO Water Systems not only provide you and your family with healthier, cleaner water. They also have numerous other benefits, including:

  • helping you keep sinks, tubs, faucets and toilets cleaner by removing harsh chemicals and hard water scales
  • extending the life of the appliances in your home that make use of water, such as your dishwater, ice-maker, and washing machine
  • making things easier on your homes plumbing – with cleaner water your pipes, drains and water heater will last longer and serve you better!

Schedule your FREE in-home estimate only and take the first step to a healthier, happier you!

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