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image of family on vacation in NJ

Vacation Prep For The Home

July 12, 2018

When it comes to vacation prep for the home, it goes beyond picking a destination and packing your suit case – you need to get your home in order so that everything is ready to operate smoothly without you around. Here is a checklist to help you get your home prepared – following this list will help you rest easy while enjoying some fun-in-the-sun!

1. Make use of lighting timers.
Having some lights within your home set on a timer will give the illusion that you are home, scaring off potential burglars or vandals.

2. Install motion activated outdoor lighting.
Having lights that automatically go on when someone enters your yard is another way to scare off trespassers in your absence. Need outdoor lighting installed? Use the coupon below and save $50 through the end of July!

3. Reprogram the digital thermostat.
While you may have your central air set to keep your home nice and cool all summer long, you can save money during your vacation by reprogramming the thermostat to keep the home around 80-85 degrees. Don’t have a digital thermostat yet? It will save you an average of $180/year on energy bills! Plus, use the coupon below to save $35 on the installation of a new one through 7/31!

4. Place your water heater on ‘vacation mode’.
Traditional water heaters heat and re-heat your home’s water supply so that you have hot water when you need it. The vacation mode setting on your water heater slows down this process, saving you money and energy. After vacation is a great time to have a flush and drain service completed on your water heater, cleaning it out and keeping it running efficiently, all while extending its life. Schedule this service now and pay only $149!

5. Turn off the water supply to your dishwater, washing machine and sinks.
There is no need to have water supplied to these areas while you are out of town and stopping the water supply can prevent potential leaks.

6. Check your sump pump.
Make sure that your sump pump is turned on and in operating order before you leave your home. When is the last time that you had your sump pump inspected? This easy service could save you from a major headache! Schedule an inspection this month and save $25!

7. Hold the mail.
A stuffed mailbox is a sure-sign that you are on vacation. Ask you post office to hold your mail while you are vacationing.

8. Contact your credit card company and cell phone provider.
Let both companies know where you are traveling. The credit card company should know so that charges aren’t declined due to unusual out-of-area activity. You should contact your cell phone company in order to avoid any potential roaming charges.

9. Unplug small appliances and electronics.
Unplugging these devices can save you a lot of money on your next electric bill. It also protects them from damage if their is an electrical storm that causes a power surge. Worried about potential power surges? Consider the installation of a whole house surge protector. Click here to learn more.

10. Lock it up.
Before you leave, be sure to lock all entrances to your home – windows, doors, bulkheads, doggie doors, etc…