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image of HVAC unit space

Space Your A/C Unit Needs

June 9, 2019

Space Your A/C Unit Needs

So, your air conditioning unit has been meaning to tell you something…it needs some space. Yes, literal space around the outdoor equipment! You may be wondering how much space your a/c unit needs?

Our HVAC technicians have seen many homes with plants, shrubs and trees crowding the exterior A/C unit. And, in some extreme cases, vines growing right on (and in!) the equipment. Gardening is not the only issue though. Fencing, decking, stones, toys and yard furniture sometimes congest the exterior A/C equipment’s area.

When planning this year’s garden and outdoor decor, be sure to leave room around your A/C unit. Your unit needs space (and air) in order to operate efficiently and safely. You also need to leave space for an HVAC technician to service the unit when needed.

When installing your air conditioning unit, and adding yard elements around it, our professional HVAC techs recommend setting the following space.

Outdoor Space Your A/C Unit Needs

  • 2 foot clearance around the HVAC unit’s 4 sides
  • 4 foot clearance above the unit

image of HVAC unit space

And remember, if you are planting near your air conditioning unit, leave space for plant growth!

Has the winter season wreaked havoc on your exterior HVAC equipment? Book an air conditioning repair service for a season of worry-free and breakdown-free air conditioning!