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Cold Weather Tips To Stay Safe And Warm

December 10, 2018

Cold Weather Tips To Stay Safe And Warm

Although it is not technically winter yet, we have been experiencing extremely cold temperatures in Northern and Central New Jersey. And over the course of the winter we will undoubtedly be faced with low temperatures, extreme wind chills and dangerous conditions. To keep your home and family safe and as warm as possible this winter here are a few cold weather tips:

  • Layer on your clothes! Whenever you have to go outdoors be sure to protect yourself by layering on all of your winter gear: jackets, hats, scarves, mittens, warm shoes/boots.
  • Be watchful of babies and senior citizens. Just like the extreme heat in the summer, the low temperatures effect the young and old more drastically than the rest of us. Bundle up your babies and check in on any elderly loved ones.
  • Look out for your pets. These low temperatures are not safe for animals either. Try to keep your furry friends indoors and warm.
  • Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat. Raising your heat a few degrees at home will help you stay warm and will also prevent your pipes from freezing.
  • …But be careful with space heaters. Space heaters can be a great source of heat but they can also be dangerous, causing house fires and burns to residents of New Jersey every year. When using a space heater never leave it unattended. Also, keep it away from anything that may catch fire, small children and pets.
  • Add some extra insulation to your house. Weatherstripping on windows and exterior doors can help to keep the cold air where it belongs – outside! If you have storm windows or doors installing them can help out as well.
  • Remember your pipes, too! Frozen and bursting pipes can be a big problem during freezing conditions like this. Letting your faucets slowly drip warm water will keep your water supply moving and your pipes warm.
  • Inspect your vehicle. Before driving anywhere check your car’s battery, anti-freeze and windshield cleaner levels. Also, adding a small emergency pack to your car for longer trips can come in handy (water, snacks, blankets, a shovel and even sand or kitty litter if you need traction below your tires when faced with getting stuck in icy spots).

Heating and plumbing emergencies are, unfortunately, bound to happen in this weather. Weltman Home Services has our team of professional plumbers and HVAC technicians on call 24/7 to help you when you need us most! Click here to contact us.